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Half Day Virtual Image Makeover

When you want more in-depth analysis; understanding your own style personality, your colors, your body silhouette and how to optimize it all to your advantage. This virtual half day analysis takes you from the mirror to your closet, trying on clothes and seeing what works and what to toss. Included is an hour of online personal shopping.


If you are ready for a complete makeover – the Revenge Makeover, the post Divorce makeover, the I lost 20 pounds makeover or just the I deserve to feel like a million bucks makeover this is the investment your future is asking for. 

If you have signed up and paid a significant amount of money in a matchmaking service this is a MUST DO step as part of your dating investment.  

So Get ready – what you didn’t know you didn’t know is about to happen.
This work is moving and it’s empowering.
It’s transformational and inspirational.
It can make you taller, thinner, sexier – well, at least in your eyes! 

Here’s what we will explore:
Your Style and personality: Determine, define and strategize your personal style,
Color analysis:  Ever REALLY look into your eyes?  Your date will.  Let’s make sure the colors you wear reflect radiantly on your skin, hair and eyes. 

Makeup (if you wear it) analysis as well as important details such as hair style and color, if you wear glasses, what are your jewelry skin tones and balance points, and more. 

Body and shape analysis:  My clients LOVE this one – it’s the how to hide “X” and emphasis “Y” part of our work.  Enlightening.


Clothing fit analysis:  Fit is king. Doesn’t matter what the price tag – expensive clothing that does not fit looks terrible.  In this analysis we will see how you like to wear your clothing and what works best for your body. 

What do we do with all the information gleaned above?  We go shopping!   Your consultation ends with a full hour of me personal shopping for you online at the stores of your choice.  I will create a “cart” for you to approve and order as you like – just like if we were working live together and you showed up to a dressing room I pre-stocked for you. 

This is the laser focus clothing acquisition that your consultation will have achieved. Pretty cool, right? 

At the end of our half day, you will have more confidence, more knowledge, clothes on the way and i’m pretty sure feel victorious!  Ready for your “Glamour Shots”!  Ready to strut your stuff into “that bar” and ready for your next chapter now that you are Suited for Love!

Can you tell how much I enjoy this work? That’s because I know what it can mean for you.    Click below to purchase and schedule this life changing consultation!