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Everything in the FRIEND Membership


Personal Shopper in a “better” box!

Once a month I professionally curate a complete outfit for you.  Researched and selected by me specific to your needs; no AI or predictive analytics program can  substitute the hands on guidance of working with a Personal Stylist.  You pay for your purchases, your new look is shipped right to your door from the store of your choice and together we approve the selections.  It’s a shopping dream come true!  


Hello! I’m Ann Lindsay,

your Suited for Love Style Coach.

You’re in the right place if you would like to find out if the CRUSH MEMBERSHIP tier is right for you. 

This is a very unique program. Personal shopping is the #1 reason clients and consultants work together.  Traditionally, a client in need of personal shopping services hires a Personal Shopper or Image Consultant by the day, investing $800 to $1000 as well as spending several thousand more dollars on clothing in order to leverage the time together.  

The results of this kind of investment are really terrific, you get basically a wardrobe overhaul in a day. I provide the service and I’ll happily do it for you but I know there are many of you that Would love professionally selected clothing and would love getting a new outfit monthly, but don’t have the need for a full over haul,  the thousands of dollars budget or the time for a full day of shopping 

Now the other side of the coin is demonstrated by the popular services like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club, which for a modest fee provide computer algorithm generated clothing selections and an assigned customer service representative titled as “Stylist”.

I created the CRUSH MEMBERSHIP to give you the best of both worlds – the affordability of a monthly outfit program but with better selections that are more appropriate to your needs because they were selected by ME for YOU.

Here’s how it works.  The CRUSH membership fee is $99/month. Instead of flailing around without direction on the Internet I am your online Persinal Shopper. I will go shopping for you at the stores of your choice with the budget youapproved, in the colors and styles and sizes we have predetermined for you.  I place the order, use your financial credentials to pay and voila the store shipped directly to you! 

How do I know what to buy you?  How do I make these better-box buying decisions? This is the crux of what makes the CRUSH membership so valuable.  

Your CRUSH Membership can only begin after we have completed an initial virtual personal consultation.  I charge $199 for this 90 minute service, but as a CRUSH member, I will discount my fee as part of the launch this new membership tier to a one tune $99 fee. 

This virtual consultation is what makes the difference between a computer selecting stuff to ship to you

and ME making carefully considered selections based on our time Together and your ability to speak one on one to me about your goals and preferences. 

This consultation is a virtual, private education session, and together we will explore 

– Your personal style.
– The most optimal colors for you and those to avoid.
– Body shape – all the factors needed for me to make educated purchasing decisions Of garments that are optimal for your body shape, size and silhouette.
– Will even touch on hair and make up jewelry and more.  

Regardless of whether you choose to become a CRUSH member, you may want to consider booking this serviceseparately for $199 because it will contain such great in depth information for you that you can use for a lifetime.  

So to recap, CRUSH members receive an initial virtual consultation for $99, and then ongoing monthly personal shopping that results in the apparel you need – for dating or the office – whatever is on your needs list – strategically, efficiently selected by me, just like if we were having an in-store personal shopping experience together.  

What about when your package arrives?  YAY!  Client experience is paramount to me.  And I want to see it and know what you think!  That’s why you will have FREE access for as long as you are a CRUSH member to FRIEND membership tier (which is a $20 a month value by the way) and the weekly Friend zoom calls – We can have your try on and fit review of your new clothing.   

And you don’t have to worry if what I selected you don’t either like or doesn’t fit. That will happen on occasion and it’s not a problem.  Your purchase was made directly between you with the store, and can be duplicated or returned, as you like.  

$99 a month is a great value for this service, but I’m going to make the offer even juicier – for as long as you are a Crush Member you get all the membership benefits of a FRIEND membership, which means you can try on your new outfit on our weekly Friend zoom calls, or pop in an ask about any other style questions, or show off any other outfits that you have been wondering about from your existing closet. It’s a great way to Up your confidence as you prepare to go out for your next date! 

I hope this sounds like fun and a good value! If an affordable personal shopping alternative that will net you over time the same result as if we spent a day at the stores together, but at a MUCH more budget friendly price please click below to sign up as a crush member. 

Of course there is no contract and you can cancel anytime.  

Keep the service until your closet feels replenished – or just for the fun of having new, seasonally appropriate, terrific “where did you get that” outfit come right to your door.  

Just to be clear, no department store shopping box algorithm could duplicate the personalized service I will be providing  you.  This is the least expensive personally curated by an image professional personal shopping option that I am aware of.  If you are ready for this budget friendly investment in your appearance in both knowledge and the garments you will need to support your dream, click below to sign up and let’s get you going!