Friend Membership Details

Monthly “dress to impress” newsletter

Invitation to fun and exclusive in-store events

Invitation to topic specific webinars and tutorials

Weekly live “ask the expert” group Zoom video calls

“Text me your date night outfit” critiques


Hi, I’m Ann Lindsay,

your Suited for Love Style Coach.

Image consulting with a professional is expensive, I, like most of my colleagues charge $100 a hour for virtual or zoom calls, normally with an hour minimum.

But what if you have just a quick question, or don’t have the budget for a full virtual consultation? It is for this reason I developed the Friend Membership!

Friends have weekly access directly to me in an “ask the expert” group zoom call setting.

Here are some of the ways you can utilize this resource: 

  1. Ask me a specified Style Question – like should my socks match my belt or my pants?
  2. Ask me a general Style Question – like, should I wear socks at all? 
  3. Considering an outfit for a date?  Have it reviewed live, real time by me.  
  4. Are you a CRUSH member? If so and I purchased an outfit for you this is the placeDid I purchase an outfit for you this is place to try it on and we’ll see what we think together
  5. Or just come on in and join the conversation.  Style and fashion is fun! 

Calls times and schedules will vary slightly, but expect a rotating evening schedule in the window between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm EST, on  Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays.

I’ll use the Zoom video platform, and split the call invitation by gender.  I do this because trying on an outfit for a date can feel a little vulnerable, I want you to feel comfortable. 

Our community is safe and supportive and our calls are FUN! Come for the whole 30 minutes, or pop in to ask a quick question.  Either way get specific tailored-to-you answers right on the call.  

Again, this is real live image coaching and analysis that image professionals at my level charge up to $100 an hour for.  But with your FRIEND MEMBERSHIP  you can ask your style questions in our calls every week for just $19.99 a month!  That’s only $5 dollars a week.  There is no contract, and you can unsubscribe anytime. 

Click below to sign up as a Friend Member  – and I can’t wait to see you on the next call!