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Which of these "Style Tiers" or services is right for me?

The FRIEND membership is right for you if you don’t need a lot of new clothes, just some feedback on what you are planning to wear. Our video calls are timely, relevant and give a whole lot of confidence for $5 a week!
The CRUSH membership is right for you if you’re looking for guided personal shopping at a fraction of the price of traditional consulting, analysis and a full day shop. It’s easy, convenient and gives you professionally selected outfits perfect for your dating life, ordered for you hassle free!
The STYLE PARTNER membership is for you if you’re ready for a get-organized, be-educated, and know-what-am-I-going-to-wear transformational virtual day with me, in addition to 1 hour online shopping together.   

What is the difference between Suited for Love and Style of Success?

Only marketing. I am the image consultant for both companies and the work is similar. Many companies hire Image Trainers; Business Coaches and Recruiters hire Image Consultants who are positioned as workplace experts. Bottom line: Image consulting adds power and influence by skillfully using the influence of appearance and non-verbal communication such as body language in ALL environments.
Style of Success promotes this work in a business context, Suited for Love in a personal one. Suited for Love is a second iteration of my company and directly from my heart – taking all that I know about image and appearance and creating styling tips and resources for men and women who are navigating the sometimes choppy waters of the dating world.

What's the difference between an Image Consultant and a Personal Stylist?

A Personal Stylist helps a client develop their style based on their physical attributes, usually through a selection of garments that fit well and harmonize with the wearer.
Image Consultants are all of the above, plus go through rigorous training and testing to achieve certification as a Consultant, and even more so for the prestigious Certified Image Professional (that’s me!) level or Certified Image Master level. If you want more information feel free to check out my blog here 


What if I am size-challenged? Big or small? Petite or Plus?

You are perfect just how you are! As an image Consultant I am an expert in finding the right style and fit that flatters your physique, creates an optimal silhouette and supports your personal brand. I know how to elongate and how to camouflage. I know how to slim and how to find balance. I know how to make you feel better than maybe you have in years! 


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