Going to a Party?  Easy ways to Look Festive.

If you’ve gotten an invitation to a holiday party, likely there was no dress code listed or some ambiguous one like “Creative Black Tie” or “Festive Formal”.   Wondering what to wear?  Not to worry, most likel there will be a broad range of attire present and if you follow my ONE tip below you will be appropriate and maybe even the best-dressed guy there!

This graphic illustrates fun styles of party dressing – a couple featuring my favorite clients rocking some to-die-for looks. Keep reading for details, but the Executive Summary is:  Look Like you Tried.

1.  If you own a tux, or dark suit put it on.  Short of a funeral, when the heck else are you going to wear it this year?  You’ll be the beau of the ball, and your lady will be (stunned and) pleased.

2.  Wear a jacket.  Walk in with a sport coat on.  REALLY.

3.  Wear a tie.  Remember those?  No suit is required, you can wear a flannel, knit or wool tie over a casual shirt and it’s SO cool.  You can tie it loosely at the neck and it’s got a casual vibe.  If you’ve always wanted to try a bow tie, here is your moment.

4.  Wear something with a “holiday color” in it. Red.  Or Maroon. Or Burgundy.  Or Deep Green.  Or monochromatic black or charcoal.

5.  Wear a “social shirt”.  This is a shirt that may have a snugger fit than your day-to-day shirts, and it definitely has a darker background and likely a pattern of some kind.  It could possibly even have a hint of metallic.

6.  If you wear jeans, pull out your darkest pair, and combine them with good-quality dress shoes.

7.  Pair your sport coat or jacket with a knit.  A sweater, either quarter-zip or turtleneck.

8.  Dab on a little cologne.  Gosh, that smells good!!


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