Especially When You Are Engaged in Average Joe Activities

What do you do on the weekend?  Mow the lawn?  Errands?  Watch a game?  Go out to dinner?  This leisure time is so precious to us, and accounts for almost half of the time we are awake and not at work, yet we (you) often give it the least amount of sartorial attention.

Here are 10 reasons you want to dress up just a little better than the Average Joe.

  1.  Even in a casual setting, it is human nature to create perceptions about who you are, your class, intelligence, social status, education, and more based on what you are wearing.  If you will be somewhere visible to others, it matters.
  2.  If you want her to wear something attractive, then you should too.
  3.  Dressing well (not fancy) projects understated confidence that is, frankly, very attractive to all who are around you.
  4.  Wearing clothing of quality that fits you properly just feels good.  And when you feel good you radiate good.
  5.  You could run into your boss, or next date – do you want to hide behind the checkout stand or walk right up?
  6.  Creating seasonality to your wardrobe (Winter vs. Summer) is a big style sophistication notch up and is such a pleasure!
  7. Owning fewer garments of quality makes you look more affluent than owning more fast fashion.
  8.  Great leather goods (lace-up wingtips for example) allow you to rock a jeans look, vs. the Other Joe in Trainers who is just average
  9. It’s fun.  Seriously!
  10. Dressing well states to the world you are a grown-up MAN.
  11. BONUS TIP:  5 guys in a bar line up?  Which one do you think she would pick?  As a woman, I can assure you, it’s the man with Style.

Please don’t think I am an advocate of over-formality – not at all – a man’s casual wardrobe should offer

Easy to wear, easy to pair, easy to care garments.

You can see from the picture I’ve used images from the newly launched J.Hilburn Fall Line.  I think this menswear resource is SPOT ON and allows me to work with clients so easily.  I follow these four pillars when shopping to create a look that is casually sophisticated, smart casual – whatever the phrase is to depict your goal are simple and revolve around

  1.  Clothes that fit your body
  2.  Incorporation of color
  3.  Layering, ensuring a third garment is present
  4.  Buying classic, quality pieces.

If this sounds helpful to you, let’s do a shop together!  It’s easy and fun.  Shopping J.Hilburn is no cost to you (I’m paid by the company) and you will LOVE the results.

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