The Hottest Pick up Line for the Summer of 2021 is “I’m vaccinated”

5/21 New York Times article Has the Pandemic Changed Dating Forever? speculates yes; the loss-of-life fear we felt, multiple seasons of (habit forming?) social isolation, and weight gain all have pushed us back from finding our true loves.  However, other sources say there has been a dating surge since most of us (at least in NY/CT area) were inoculated this Spring for COVID.

Many men and women turned to video dating, at least to lessen the number of “first dates” they had.  In this scenario, each party still had the responsibility to show up to their call as coiffed and dressed (at least the top half) as on a “real date”.  And you didn’t even get the fun appetizer to go with your Pino Noir…  But now, according to the 2021 Summer of Love Survey, 70% of its participants were ready to meet, greet, and actively date (and have sex) this summer.

There is a caveat, however.  People report that they are “pickier” about who they date than before the pandemic, focusing more on themselves, ensuring higher compatibility.   A Tinder article The Future of Dating is Fluid supports that describing so many profiles that say “we’ll see where it goes” suggesting a clear reticence for fast commitment.   However, in the same article, some happy news is that people will be more honest and authentic about who they are and what they want.

And guess what – dating attire has changed as well.  Instead of the 2019 blazer and casual pants for guys, and dress or pants and for SURE heels for gals, casual has impacted dating as well, and often just for practical reasons.  Many dates now are more about taking walks (loooong walks if it’s going well) than artfully balancing on a barstool.   And pants more comfortable on a blanket in the park than a short skirt.

Here’s my nugget – the more casually dressed you are, the more important your accessories and leather pieces are.  Your shoes, your belt, your wallet, and ladies your shoes and bag need to be top-notch.  And they will carry your more casual outfit with style and elegance!

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