For Your Wife, Girlfriend, or Lady-of-the-Moment, Guys Love to Look Good.


And it’s easier than you think!

While women are not quite as high on the “visual judgment scale” as men are, we still like what we like.  And when you guys demonstrate even the smallest of effort, the reward is well worth the effort. 


Here are 10 easy tips you can incorporate into your appearance that will amp up your desirability.

  1.  Accessories – small details that matter.  Wearing a white polo and jeans – pretty basic right?  Add on a fun, different belt.  Or a patterned sock. In a (boring) charcoal suit and white shirt that you will happy hour in after work?  Tuck a colorful pocket square into your jacket after work.  These small details suggest creativity, sense of humor, personal style, and much more than the effort it took to put them on.
  2. Grooming that says come closer.  Grooming is such a huge topic ranging from personal hygiene, hair to toes and all in between. The bottom line is to ensure you smell great and the hair around the nape of your neck and ears has a fresh trim.  That suggests from a distance many other attributes discovered on closer contact are just as well-kempt.
  3. Clothing that Fits inspires confidence, and showcases your male silhouette – yes that’s a thing.  The optimal male shape is an inverted triangle, and there are many ways to create the illusion of this outline, even if in reality, too many beers have altered it.  (Curious?  Call me.)
  4. Wearing approachable, inviting colors and fabrics can draw her in.  Colors that say “come hither” are soft in hue and more in line with the yin than the yang.  Consider pink, peach, lavender.  Even light blue or pale green can work.  A small floral pattern perhaps. Softer feeling fabrics as well, cashmere jackets, silky feeling shirts.
  5. Wearing highly masculine clothing is an alpha allure trigger.  Hit up her biology – leather bomber jackets, snug jeans, cowboy or biker boots all have a very masculine draw.
  6. Show some skin.  Not creepy, 5 buttons-down-open-shirt-gold-chain guy, but a 2 button open collar, or short-sleeved shirt if appropriate.
  7. Be a little taller.  Not a lot, just a little is enough. Sorry guys, again, it’s a biology thing.  Go back to the boots idea (instant 1 to 1.5 inches), or if you really want a lift, I’ve worked with this company several years now, these shoes are an excellent way to add an additional 2 to 3 (or more) inches which for some men, makes ALL the difference.   And stand up straight – shoulders back!  Correct posture can add an easy additional inch.
  8.  Show off your strength.  Workingman hands, rock hard calves, nice biceps are hot!  No 6-pack abs required.
  9.  The hair on your body can be a draw.  Thinning on top – no worries – just cut it a bit shorter.  Studies show short facial hair is an attraction point, as well as body hair – something about reproductive prowess I guess, but my point is, show off what you have, and trim short what you don’t.
  10. A smile with good teeth.  Just a smile can shift someone’s demeanor and feelings for you instantly.  From across the room or a breath away.  Need an amazing referral for a renwed smile?  I’ve got one. 

I hope you found a tip to boost your own confidence here, but regardless, the women in your life are just waiting for you to show up as your own sweet, special self, no fancy tricks, grueling workouts or expensive purchases necessary.  🙂


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