Images for Dating Profiles that Spark Conversation.

Ladies, yes, I know how superficial it is, but we ALL (and men are the worst) judge people almost instantly based on their appearance.  That’s how the “swipe right” sites got so popular.

Dating sites are just big yellow pages of advertisements – some folks have the color page and some just the one line. Some added graphics and some photographs.  Either way, the point was just to grab the eye of the “consumer” and create enough interest or connection to pick up the phone.  Or, send a “like”.  That point HAS to occur to get to the conversation step.

So what are my tips for taking great Dating Site Photos?

Work with Professionals.  Photographers know how to get the correct lighting and position the body for maximum benefit.  Here are two great examples, in the first, the lighting is so soft and beautiful, and in the second this woman looks so dynamic and fun in that great red dress (note the elongating nude shoes!) and optimal body positioning that one hardly notices her extra pounds.  Really well done.

All photographers are not created equal.  There is a photographic specialty called “Boudoir Photography”, and yes this can (but is not required to) include lingerie and semi-nude images, but the most important aspect is that the pictures are taken using every option in the photographer’s bag of tricks to optimize a woman’s appearance, smooth lines, camouflage lumps, and bumps, etc.  Google Boudoir Photographer in your area and discuss what you are looking for.

In that conversation, ask if they work as part of a team with a Hair and Makeup Artist and a Personal Stylist or Image Consultant.  If you are spending the money on a shoot, having professional hair and makeup done by someone who knows how to apply it for photoshoots is a must.  And having a Stylist present (could be yours truly?!) that you have reviewed your outfit changes with, and will steam garments, organize shoes to jewelry, and clip in garments “on set” are all part of creating the results you want.

If you are focused on forgoing the professionals for a DIY photoshoot with a friend, here are my set-up and execution suggestions:

  1.  Prep your outfits.  Whether from your closet or you’ve gone shopping (you will need some new dating attire anyway!), layout your Looks to include jewelry, belts, shoes.  Consider the Looks that represent your lifestyle, and how you wish to be portrayed, from formal to casual. Include activities you enjoy – biking, gardening, sailing.  These pictures resonate with men as they picture you joining them in the hobbies and activities they enjoy.
  2. Prep your backgrounds.  Where are the nicest areas of your house? Inside? Outside?  Got a local park with a flowering tree?  Or the beach on a sunny day.
  3. Strategize your hair. If you have hair like me that can be worn multiple different ways, you can get great looks from your hair all in the same day if you follow this order of operations: Starting with a blowout look – sleek with max volume. Then (if you use them) hot rollers/curling iron look.  Then updo for formal shots.  Then ponytail for casual.
  4. Adjust your makeup along the way.  Please try using false eyelashes – they really make a terrific difference to so many women.  YouTube how to apply them, buy the most natural you can find (often called demi).  Or get a set done by your local nail salon – usually less than $100 whereas the salon lashes are several hundred.   Wear your lashes all the way to the casual looks, then just pull them off.  Wear red-er lipstick than you would think to.  Trust me.
  5. Pre-Schedule your “maintenance” appointments. Get your roots done, your brows waxed and your nails manicured; pick red or pink for the color.
  6. Wear tighter clothing than you would on an actual date.  At least one shot with form-fitting garments is a big positive for women OF ANY SIZE.
  7. Wear pink and red. Men are drawn to pinks and reds so even if your color analyst told you it was too bold or strong a color for you, have one red outfit you take the shoot in.
  8. Wear heels even if you can’t walk in them in real life.
  9. Over emphasize your posture.   Remind yourself at EVERY snap of the camera to have your shoulders way, way back.  My daughter says when you press your tongue to the roof of your mouth, it accents your cheeks, although I’ve not been successful personally with that one. Kick your hip out with a bit more sass than you would in real life.  Make your energy show with your body – don’t be afraid to show off in a dance move – silly as that may feel this is exactly the kind of picture men will “like”, comment and will start a conversation about.
  10. Try and use a 35mm camera, but if you only have a phone, buy a ring light for it. 

If you would like a professional and ally in your corner ensuring your dating site photos make you look stunning, I would be delighted to help you.  Please send me one of your pictures – I’d love to see it.  Hugs!

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