Cottage Core – Tic Toc Inspired and Now the Biggest Quarantine Fashion Trend Continues into 2021

Cottage Core is a nostalgic fashion and homemaking aesthetic with roots in Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, and Laura Ashley. Its popularity is a home-centric escape (or at least respite) from reality into a world filled with domestic bliss and simple homey comforts.  Pretty and Practical.  Domestic Countrified Simplicity. Playful.  DIY. Sustainable and recycled.

Defined, it’s floaty maxi dresses, cotton fabrics, anything with animals, flowers, puffed sleeves, smocking, ruffles, or cotton lace.  Remember the Prairie girl Gunne Sax phase of the ’80s?

I mean how could gnomes and cabbage roses and crocheted doilies not bring a smile to your face?

In thinking about dating, and MEN… I was drawn to this styling as a soft and romantic aspect that grown women could benefit from adding to their dating wardrobe.  Romantic styling is completely feminine.  And can appear charming and open in heart to many men.

Julia Berolzheimer is a style leader in this romantic look, her website by far predates Covid.  This link Spring Favorites Found on Amazon is a lovely offering of real clothes that have a leaning toward this aesthetic, rather than a teen Laura Ingalls Wilder.

The image I created above represents some ways for a grown woman to incorporate this trend. The green dress by Free People at Macy’s is linked here.   Next is a jumper by the French company Farfech.  It’s expensive but if you love it…  Third from the Free People site is a midi dress that is calling out for a sunny summer morning at home.  And last, a feminine detail of flowered trim on this denim jacket on the site Cottage Corely gives this more masculine piece a sweet overtone.

I think any styling that has some feel-good attribute is a win-win, so I am a proponent of incorporating some components of this feminine and nostalgic trend into your wardrobe.  Mix it up – keep him on his toes!  🙂

If you want help incorporating some Cottage Core styling into your wardrobe, I’d be delighted to help!

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