If you are a Big Guy – get out there!  There is a world of women waiting for you!  😉

Seriously, your lack of 6 pack abs is less than a detriment than you may imagine in the social and dating world.   Yes, there is STILL a double standard about large men being “prosperous” and large women being… well…. fat.   But that’s another subject.

I want to give you some great reasons to update your online profile, get a couple great fitting dating outfits (from me of course!) and have some FUN this year.

Big men are biologically more attractive to women.  Our Cavewoman neurons (or whatever they are) does not differentiate big in the shoulders vs. big in the tummy.  Bigger = stronger = safer.   Can he carry you out of a burning building?  Yes?  Awesome!

Big men enjoy life with a gusto that is intoxicating. “Good food, Good Meat, Good God, Let’s Eat!”.  They relish experiences around food, wine and friends.  Cheese tours.  Chocolate factories.  Grill Mastery.  Bread Machines.  Oyster Fests.  How much fun is that? 

Big men don’t judge what you eat. They are not counting carbs and eating salads every day for lunch and then looking at you all “funny” if you don’t.   Fact:  66% of American women are “overweight”.  And I can tell you as one of them that 100% of them HATE that look and want to be with a man they feel secure in their body image and relationship.

Big men are awesome cuddlers.  No science to back that.  Just experience and hearsay.

Big men are often great cooks!  They have their carnivore specialties honed to perfection.  And they are always willing to fire up the barbie!  Cook Like a Man is a book I thought you might enjoy from Amazon. 

For older women, some of the best sex is in the morning.  Guess you guys at the gym at 6:30 missed out on that one…   This online article states “a big man takes his appetite for indulgence beyond just the dinner table”.  Well howdy!

Second Fact:  Women are attracted to men more emotionally than visually.  (Opposite is true for men).  She is looking to connect with a happy, fun loving, confident man.  A man who moves (and holds her) with power, can laugh at himself, is fairly literate, can give a complement and look her right in the eyes while he does so.  Now that’s desirable!  So unless you have surpassed the realm of normalcy in weight, being trim and toned is not in that list.    

Last but not least, a well dressed big man is a wonderful mix of good-living and confidence.  I am all about ensuring you look amazing from the bar on the 75th floor to the Tiki bar and all that is in between.  Get out there my friends!

PS.  If you want to know my favorite Big Guy clothing resource click here. 

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