My Dear Single Ladies,

Getting a little real, and vulnerable here with you.  I’m gearing up emotionally to get back into the crazy and exciting world of dating.  Again.  This time however, I am armed with something different – a dating coach for women just like “us” –  Jaki Sabourin of Engaged at Any Age. 

The premise of Jaki’s work, and the online courses I am taking are that I can have the man of my dreams.  No matter what that is.  But that I need some skills (heretofore) unknown to me how to attract and connect with him in that great, vast, scary place called the Internet.  Elite Singles, Silver Singles, Match, Bumble, Facebook Dating, all I know is that I need help in interpreting how to engage with men on these sites.  I suck at it.

So let’s say I’ve started a conversation with an interesting man.  And we are ready to take it to the next step, a video or in-person date.


But what about my Covid 15 (on top of the 15 before that etc) and my “new decade” wrinkles and… and… and!!  Anybody with me here?

So we both need to take a breath.  Jaki and I agree, your energy, openness, femininity and smile are more attractive to him than our dress size.  And just as I am hiring a pro to help me with my communication and mindset, I am available to you to help you with your dating look.  Your best colors, optimal silhouettes for your shape, and the addition of FUN clothes – clothes that make you smile and feel good.  Because that is what he will “see” first. 

Together, I think that’s going to be a home run!


Ann Lindsay is Suited for Love 

Bringing the smile of confidence and the sashay of sexy into your life.

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