10 Tips to Look HOT to your Valentine,

regardless if you’ve been married

to her for 4 decades

You can be “mere mortal” and still WOW her this Valentines Day by following my few simple style tips:


  1. Ensure your clothing fits:   No tummy-shirt buttons pulling, but mostly avoid sloppy, baggy clothing. If you wear “dad” jeans and cargo’s normally, surprise her with a pair of premium dark denim in a slim fit.  Purchase a shirt that resembles your own shape – not to big, not to small… just right.

2.  Wear a color with emotional energy:   If your closet has three colors; white tan and blue (normal) buy a shirt in a COLOR.  Teal, red, pink, green, purple.  Something vibrant and memorable.

3.  Wear a shirt, sweater or knit that matches your eyes:  It’s very alluring to connect your eye color to your clothing.  Here are a few  choices available right now from Nordstrom.

Green eyes and shirt

Hazel eyes and shirt 

Ice Blue eyes and shirt

Grey Blue eyes and shirt 

Warm Brown eyes and shirt 

Cool Dark Brown and Black eyes and shirt 


4.  Wear a third piece: show you have style and confidence by adding a vest, sweater or casual sport coat.  These items really take your outfit up several notches and when you feel confident you act confident and that is sexy!

5.  Wear great pants:  Dark denim or trousers, but pants that fit a little snugly.  You know…?

6.  Dress up more than she expects:  If she expects a hoodie and jeans, wear a button up and premium denim.  If she is used to you wearing a sport coat and khakis to dinner, put on your best.  Give her a moment of surprised delight.

7.  Wear great shoes:  Suede lace-up oxfords, or cool loafers, or leather “social” sneakers.  NO athletic sneakers.

8.  Wear a watch:  Your best watch.  Keep your phone in your pocket no matter what.  You are glued to her eyes…

9.  Smell wonderful:  If she has never helped you pick a scent, try the sales clerk at the mens scent counter (prior blog on how to do this)

10.  Literally buy anything new.  Anything.  Especially if she knows you are not a shopper, she will be amazed and delighted that you went to the trouble to look nice for her.

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