My Dear Ladies,

I found this book on my shelf this afternoon, and it being a cold and blustery day decided to tuck into a pink chair (with cat and ottoman) and read – turns out a very “bombshell” thing to do!

This 20 year old book will have more meaning if you are a vintage movie buff, as those glorious bombshells of the silver screen were noted by example in almost every chapter, however I found most definitely the descriptions of these women to be timeless and endearing.

There is something delicious, intoxicating about perceiving oneself as a bombshell, and in this post pandemic world of yoga pants and zoom meetings, what of these delightful and light hearted bombshell attributes could we resurrect?

Appreciating the feminine is at the inner core to bombshelling.  What are modern day (mere mortal) things you might do to feel more feminine and beautiful?

  • Get a professional blowout or digging out the hot rollers?
  • A scented bubble bath with your hair up and candles
  • A cocktail (shaken not stirred) out of a stemmed glass
  • A pedicure in bright red or pink
  • Frank Sinatra in the background
  • Wearing matching bra and panties
  • And a sweater or top that shows off some skin and is a bit clingy…
  • Dust off and add a dab of perfume from the bottle on your dresser
  • Buying yourself a nice size CZ jewelry item (or the real thing?!)
  • Drive in the car with a scarf and sunglasses like this.
  • Wear leather gloves that match your bag to the grocery store
  • Bonus points:  buy feather mules like these (!)

Men and their (delighted) reaction aside, this is a feel-good list.  No personal power is lost, no intelligence or capability quotient was diminished, and no animals were harmed.  Just a little self embellishment and celebration of our woman-ness. And that is a good thing.

Hugs from your Personal Stylist Ann

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