Don’t wear scent currently?  Here’s why you should:


If you don’t wear a scent other than deodorant and toothpaste you may wish to consider adding a very simple and clean scent to your morning routine.


How you smell is an invisible part of your personal style and carries a stronger effect than you realize!  Of the 5 senses, scent is the strongest and the most tied to memory.  It also has a very powerful positive effect on the smell-er (a woman?).

Surprisingly most men do not wear a scent, aka fragrance or perfume or cologne regularly.  Reasons vary, but include:

  • wonders if its too “feminine”
  • one more thing to do
  • intimidated by the selection process
  • added expense
  • don’t realize the benefit

I propose that you would wear scent if you knew that scent:

  • adds to your confidence
  • boost your masculinity
  • made a marked positive effect on an emotional connection with another person
  • it’s fun – and makes you smell great!
  • This article by the Art of Manliness says “scent is the most powerful factor for women when choosing a man”  MOST? WOW!!  By the way, this is the best, most readable and in-depth article I came across in my research, and if you really are interested I recommend a read of it.

The easiest way to start your first foray into scent is to go buy a coffee, and then go to a seasoned expert at the men’s perfume counter in a better department store, during a weekday.  Look for a mature salesperson, not the kid filling in for the holiday rush (if there even is one this year).  You will get the best advice if you pony up to the bar and say you are new at this, want to start with a “simple, clean scent”.  The salesperson should pick no more than four to suggest to you, and it’s YOUR job to smell them and choose – not theirs.

The way it works is they spray a bit on a card, and you smell that.  As explained in depth in the above Art of Manliness article, that smell will encompass only the “top notes” but its a place to start.  Of the four, choose 2 favorites.  Then apply each of those on either wrist.  Then go buy a new pair of shoes for at least 15 minutes.  Go back to the counter and pick your favorite.  If you don’t have a favorite, ask the clerk to wipe your wrists and repeat the process.  This time go try on jeans.  The heat released from this mildly aerobic activity will hasten the development of the scent.

Your purchase can easily be up to, or over $100, so it’s worth it to give the experience a fair amount of your attention. If you can’t bear the idea of the person to person interaction suggested above, and want to shop online, I did a Google “best subtle clean fragrance for men”  and got  this Dapper Confidential – all things Grooming article with several linked suggestions.

One thing all women agree on is that too much scent is bad.  So how do you know?  By starting in stages.   Stage one is to spray 1 pump of mist onto your neck and chest area and work your way up to 2 or (careful!) more pumps.  The “right amount” is what can just be discerned by another person when within a foot of you after half an hour has passed.  Not 6 feet in the same elevator, or in your office with the door closed.  So you see, scent is sexy – private and intimate.  You will just have to find someone to ask what the right amount is and if they like it on you.  😉

All in all, don’t fall on your sword if you find the first try isn’t your favorite.  But definitely keep trying as scent could be one of the best tools in your seduction tool box!

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