From thousands of products, I have reviewed and created my 2020 Top 10 Men’s Gift Guide

The world of menswear and mens gifts can be very intimidating – he says he needs “nothing” and he wears the same thing every day anyway.  Does he even care?

Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus, and yes he does care. (!)  He is just a creature of habit and doesn’t want to think about it that much.  When you provide him with the most lovely and comfortable (insert pants, shirt, sweater, vest etc) that he has ever worn he will be thrilled.

Please enjoy this video review of my favorite menswear resource, J.Hilburn as I suggest products from $15.00 to $1500.00 gifts of a lifetime.


No, I don’t have to measure him, simple information you know will allow me to create his fit

Yes, we can work together remotely

Yes, his and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed

This is likely the most fun safe shopping experience you will have all season.  Lets enjoy it together!

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