The Psychology of Color = the mental and emotional effects of color 

The Gentlemanual – What Color Says About You

You know as an Image Consultant I do color analysis on men and women to discover and utilize certain shades and color hues to reflect optimally upon the face of the wearer, based on their own characteristics; eye color, skin tone, hair and personality.

Today’s concept is the opposite science, that of how the color one wears is perceived emotionally by the viewer.   And here it gets really fun, instead of needing to work around your given attributes, you can choose the perceptions want to convey.  Confident? Creative? Trustworthy?  Kind?  Exciting?  Grounded? And so much more!

Blue in general is an easy wearing, great color for men.  The general perception of blue is reliable, and trustworthy. “Got an interview you need to nail or a first date you’re excited about? Blue is the way to go.” says The Gentlemanual.

You surely own at least one of two blue classics, a navy suit or a light blue shirt.   In a business context the navy blue says importance, trust, knowledge, dignity, intelligence, authority.  The light blue shirt suggests coolness, serenity, peaceful, health, tranquility.

But we are wondering about how women will perceive us right now, right?

Right!  So yes, totally agree that starting with blue is a good bet.  Especially when you are on a first date, you need to fulfil more “lower chakra” elements of safety and security.  Blue lets her know you are a good guy and she can relax and open up to your other characteristics.

Blue can have a negative connotation as well.  Socially, too much very dark blue a bit too formidable.  Blue can come off as too “cool”  or icy, it can be aging, and perhaps conservative, and even melancholy.  And that navy suit and blue shirt combo is so boring it hurts.  

Here are your guidelines for wearing blue on a date:

  1.  Don’t wear jeans.  Wear navy 5 pockets like these that fit you really well.
  2. If you wear a woven shirt, choose one with a pattern.   Like this one.   And then your third piece (yes, read that article on my SOS site if you haven’t already) can be a moss green tech vest, or a burgundy sweater.
  3. If you wear a knit shirt instead of a woven, choose a blue with energy, like this one.  And you your third piece can now be a navy, like a sportcoat, but choose a different hue than the 5 pockets, lighter or darker.
  4. Wear brown shoes and a brown belt.

Uplift your dark navy’s with an elegant royal blue, or a perky bright blue.  Add quiet confidence with a storm blue, or a pop of enthusiasm with a turquoise blue.   Blue is a wonderful color for you in the dating world – I hope you will take some risks with your blues this season, or if you are not sure – that’s what I am here for!  🙂

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