Multi-task your work – my clients are professional, care-about-their-looks guys and often single!

I’m going to be vulnerable here for a moment.  If you follow me, you know I aligned with J.Hilburn, a menswear line over 10 years ago.  I usually tell people who ask me why I choose to work with J.Hilburn that it’s because I was looking for a custom clothing provider for my male image clients.  But the second compelling reason I joined was that I was single, had been a stay at home mom for the prior 10 years and had no idea how to broaden my exposure to men!  What a great idea I thought- Genius!

Well I can’t tell you that I have found Mr. Forever, but I can say I’ve had a TON of fun, and that members on my team actually have.  And even if “just” from a business perspective only, here’s what I found about working with my JH guys:

  1.  Men are respectful.  When you show up for an appointment professionally dressed, with professional demeanor there is no “funny business”.  Just in case you worried.
  2. Men love the attention of women.  Sometimes, me showing up with a smile and swatches is the best part of a guys day.  Sometimes (unfortunately) it’s the best part of his week.
  3. Men want our feminine opinion.  They have been trained from birth to obey women (lol) when it comes to their clothes and they are sometimes lost without an on-point style-wise spouse or girlfriend.  I can be that for him or ally with her.
  4. Young men know what they don’t know.  Some of my favorite clients have been Millennials and there is something so wonderful and moving about helping a young man create his professional image… I literally have been called the 3rd Most Important (after wife and mom) woman in one of my client’s life, and this is because he really believed I had moved the needle on his career for him.
  5. Older men get stuck in a rut.  Men who have been either oblivious to clothing or fearful of fashion (yes that is a thing) often feel really overwhelmed when something big and new presents itself, like a career transition, or being suddenly single.  They feel overwhelmed with the choices, and our guidance is so valuable.
  6. The ultra successful guy loves clothing, and certainly appreciates its value in his life, but he needs the procurement part to be convenient and easy.  That’s where he will really appreciate you and you become way more of a resource than a “rep”.

In short, men are great clients!   And I love knowing that this work has brought confidence, class and style to them in such a fun and rewarding way for me.

If you, or someone you know has interest in multi-tasking their work and search, for any or all of the above reasons, let’s talk!

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