The “Apple” Body Shape is the Most Common to my Readers.


If we are consulting together I will measure and guide you through all the tips below, but in this moment, a good place to start of what this so common body shape called  apple is this visual with video measuring tutorial from Nordstrom For this article, I am going to assume you know you are an apple shape, and just want to know want to know what to do about it.


Create a Waist using Distraction:

  1. Highlight other areas on top.  Wear tops showing some skin on your chest (tastefully of course).  Wear necklaces of interest.
  2. Highlight other areas on the bottom.  Wear jeans with embroidery on the bottom, or cool, colored shoes.
  3. Keep your waist area neutral.  Avoid prominent horizontal lines created by a large at-waist belt, or a waist level stark color change such as a white blouse tucked into black pants.
  4. Provide proportion and balance on the bottom half by wearing straight cut trousers and boot cut jeans. Add a chunky boot or sandal.
  5. Provide proportion and balance on the top half by wearing a larger Dolman sleeve, or a bare shoulder of interest, or a little ruffle on top.
  6. Elongate with a monochromatic look – same color top and bottom
  7. Create vertical lines by wearing a long (below the hip) open front (not buttoned) cardigan or jacket.

Create a Waist using Definition:

  1.  Peplum tops and jackets are wonderful for defining a waist that isn’t there
  2.  Empire waist blouses and dresses are so good at choosing the slimmest part of your abdomen and draping gracefully from there.
  3. A wrap dress often provides a V neck and a slimming silhouette.


My Review of the Nordstrom Trunk Club How to Dress an Apple article:

(Another GREAT reason to check out my “CRUSH Better Box Shopping” Membership Program, but I digress)  🙂

In the Nordstrom link above – love them BTW, just don’t agree with their advice on this subject – provides this image of a “well-dressed Apple woman”.   I think this pretty girl looks like a giant block in this outfit.

I disagree with round toed shoes, the black on white is way too stark, the pants are GI-normous and the V in the front of her black trousers points to her tummy saying HI, Look at ME!

What I like is the three quarter length sleeve, the jacket is open in the front, the V neck of the white shirt. And that’s about it….

I also have opinions on many of the other visuals provided in their article, but we’ll have to get together to share all that.

If you want a little hand-holding here – Lord knows I am an Apple also, and I have struggled with my own style confidence having lost my waist line – so if you are ready, I am here for you in my heart and in ability.


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