You can be classic and traditional (if that’s your style) AND updated and current.

Living in Southwestern Connecticut I often work with men who have a very traditional style, sometimes referred to as preppy with roots  of an upper class ivy league set.

Men of the 60’s and 70’s who were raised on classic Ralph Lauren and may have had their Dad take them to Brooks Brothers as a young man’s rite of passage.  Come the 1990’s and on, a new age of (sloppy?) business casual emerges and the art of “dressing” for many was lost.

I have found that men are creatures of habit.

Those who have not actively cultivated awareness of trend often provide resistance when I suggest that their style might be dated.  You guys have been busy – making a living – raising a family and understandably not focused on the changing nuances of menswear.  Often you don’t know (or care) when styles and cuts change.   It is for this man that I write this article and hope that you will share it with him if you know who he is 🙂

Breath:  I do not take conservative gentleman and stuff them into low rise, skinny jeans and graphic tee shirts.

I do however advocate to my clients the benefit of looking current. Let’s define “current” in terms of YOU making successful first impressions to others:

1. I am reasonably aware of fashion trends and changes, and modify my wardrobe accordingly.

2.  I value attention to detail and demonstrate this in part through the quality of my garments.

3.  I am a successful man; I can afford to replace outdated apparel.

4.  I have an interesting personality, and I let glimpses of that show through in creative elements or color in my apparel.

5.  I have a strong sense of self and self esteem, and I invest in fine garments that represent my personal brand.

So now you know WHY you care.  Here are the tips and what to watch for:

Trousers and casual pants are the #1 potential outdated offender.   If you are not sure, please sign up for a Partner in Style Virtual Image Consultation for a session that we can have together and critique the fit of your clothing.

  • Are your pants pleated or flat front?
  • Are you wearing pants with a long rise (the front zipper length) either worn too high up on your waist, or worn low (under a belly) and puddling up at the top of your thighs?
  • Are your pants designed with a cut that is too wide and baggy down the leg?
  • Are your pants too long in length also known as a “full break”?
  • In some cases, cuffed pants.

2.  Jackets and sport coats.  I’m sorry guys, but even if you paid an arm and a leg, if it’s more than a decade old it’s dated. Here’s how I (and your date) will spot that:

  • Your jacket will be too long. Modern jackets end at the middle to the end of the seat, no longer.
  • Your jacket lapel will be too wide. Modern jacket lapels are 2 to 3″ wide.
  • Your weight is the same but your jacket was bought too large at the time and hangs off your shoulders.
  • You weight has increased and your vents pop and shoulders pull and there is no possibility of buttoning.
  • In general, the fabric shows signs of age, lines across the shoulders from hangers, fabric pulls, shiny lapels from the cleaners, worn or tarnished buttons.

If I didn’t see these wardrobe woes all the time, I wouldn’t be writing about them over and over.  Let me help you take years off your look with a few simple fit and style changes.  Like I did with good looking (but dated) Jim above, in these two same-day pictures.   🙂


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