What you wear influences your life.

And it’s amazing the influence it can have!  We look quickly at this woman, and we see SO many things!

Let’s explore them:

Your clothing creates a persona around you about your values and characteristics that you can either embrace or ignore. Humans process visual information in the form of cues, and in the blink of an eye create judgements about others. Want to know how?  Let’s study the example of the image I selected for this post.

Q- What is the gender projected?

A – Feminine.   What are the cues and how do we know?  Body language (her stance – one leg forward, hips front, shoulders back, head tilt, parted lips), even in a bun, her hair is clearly long and full, she is wearing makeup, feminine styled accessories and her clothing style all support a feminine gendered person

Q – What age is projected?

A – 20’s to 40’s.  What are the cues?  Her slim body and smooth youthful skin suggest 20’s, while her elegant and classic style choice combined with  bold makeup (lipstick) sleek and classic/traditional hairstyle and statement sunglasses and necklace suggest someone who has developed more confidence and character, as would be perceived more of a woman in her 30’s to 40’s.

Q – What activity is projected?

A – Something of leisure like maybe touring with a date, strolling to a museum, or going out to brunch.  What are the cues we use apart from the background of the image?  Her grooming is impeccable.  Her simple bun is neat, out of the way for a day outside, or in the breeze, however she clearly has an air of importance to her and you can tell because her lipstick is bold in color and expertly applied.  She is wearing a “statement necklace” and sunglasses that bring her style persona up a notch in power, so we know she dressed with care.  Her blouse is short sleeve, it’s a casual event on a warmer day.   She chooses a black palate for the day, which could be at odds with a brunch date, unless you place her in Manhattan or London, where black is more d’rigour.

Q – What personality traits are projected?

A – Confidence, elegance, affluence, classic/traditional, stylish, feminine, casual.  What cues do we use to determine this? This woman demonstrates Image Integrity.  No single element of her image visually contradicts another.  Her body language is feminine, and confident.  Her grooming suggests an understanding and appreciation for self care and detail oriented expert application.  The classic and elegance of her appearance suggests she is a “lady” and suggests manners and mannerisms to match. She values style, but is not a slave to it – there is nothing about her outfit that would not be appropriate last year or next.  Classic and traditional are her mottos in life reinforced by not showing too much skin, not wearing clothing too snug, and the classic and sleek hairstyle she chose.  Her sunglasses and handbag appear designer and expensive suggesting affluence.  Her black monochromatic outfit is elegant in its simplicity.  The black short sleeve top (and if she is not wearing high heels) allow her to appear relaxed and not overdressed.  The fabric of her garments are lightweight, smooth, they drape luxuriously across her body.  Her necklace is an important accessory; without it her outfit is too simple.  A tiny teardrop lacks the amplitude of this larger piece; a bright or gaudy colored piece would diminish the tonal monochromatic look.

Q – What personal values are projected?

A – Self esteem, confidence, influence.  What cues do we use?  Well, all of the above!  Do you see how we have been building all along with all the cues this photograph has provided us with to get to the bottom line – what you are projecting to the world about who you are and what you stand for. 

The question becomes, do you want to take responsibility and ownership for these messages?  And if you do, that’s my job to help with.  We can start with the most integral messages you want to convey – professionalism, excellence, affluence, power – these just a few of hundreds that define the very best you can be.


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