Even Barbie needs to watch these… 

makeoverI have a few tricks up my sleeve, and I’m excited to share with you one of my favorites.   No newsflash here – makeup can be a challenge.  It is SO easy to wear it poorly, or apply it it with some success in the morning only to have it slide down your face by noon.  The options available from the makeup industry are bewildering at best. 

My secret weapons are Youtube makeup Tutorials – OMG some of these are amazing!   I heartily suggest you do some exploring because I’m guessing you are not a trained makeup artist, and so I know pretty much what your “how to” options include:

  1. Invest time  with an (overly product-ed?) Makeup Counter Lady at a department store or book a Sephora or Ulta appointment with a blue-haired girl.
  2. Hire an image consultant or make up artist with a speciality in makeup (not me – I do general makeup consulting, colors and skin tone, contrast and line direction, but I am not specifically trained as an artist).  BTW, some image professionals rep a makeup line as well as consult.
  3. Go to an Arbonne, Mary Kay or Beauty Counter direct sales consultant who, if they are experienced, are likely pretty good at makeup application and product selection.

All of these scenarios have a strong potential for you end up purchasing MORE product than you had intended, with LESS ability to get it on your face and staying put.   Sound familiar?

Enter the wonderful world of YouTube.   

I love YouTube so much that I pay $13 a month for Premium with no ads.  I can get great information for myself and my clients on makeup and skincare subjects from hiding turkey neck to how to apply magnetic eyelashes and everything in between.

Women over 40 have additional makeup and skincare challenges, and there is no lack of specific information for us.   Here are are two of my favorite resources-

  1.  Dominique Sachse is terrific, she is a great teacher. Here is one of her great videos “Simple Makeup Tips to Look 10 Years Younger” 
  2. Schellea (Shelly) Fowler, the creator of Fabulous 50’s is fun.  Here is her video “5 Biggest Makeup Mistakes on Mature Eyes Tutorial Over 50”  

Do you have a favorite?  Please post in the comments below – I’d love to know!

Makeup is a Key Tool in your Appearance Toolbox

I have one other important point I’d like to share, and that is to those of you who are not wearing much makeup at all.  Maybe you work from home, or have been married a million years to a man who you think would not notice, or you consider yourself a natural girl.   No matter the reason, some make up really (really) should be in your daily routine.

These images are not my work (they are screen shots grabbed from YouTube) – but WOW – who wouldn’t want results like this!  Even if you adopted only a small percentage of the actual steps the instructional video suggested you would be ahead of the game.

YouTube before and after

Makeup can be good for your skin, and excellent for your confidence.  Just like well constructed and chosen apparel, it can highlight the positive and minimize the negative.  Makeup can reduce distractions apparent in the skin, emphasize the eyes, create harmonious symmetry, and make you feel GREAT!

Let me show you how to utilize makeup to support your image. If you have not been a makeup user in the past, or you are a very minimalistic makeup user, it’s time to consider introducing simple, natural looking, quick and easy steps to your morning regimen that will see you “beautifully” throughout the day. 

Want to know how to make make-up work for you? 

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