Sorry, guys but I dislike 98% of all sandals on men.  I think the male physique is terrific – but I think the Great Creator was getting drowsy when she made guys feet… hairy toes coupled with a mild social stigma against what should be routine foot maintenance (pedicures) have resulted in a frequently non-visually-optimal body part.

I’d so much rather you opted for shoes. In the 20 minutes you likely will spend outside today, your internal temperature differential between a flip flop and a boat shoe won’t even register on a COVID thermometer.


Shoes are so much more sophisticated.  Period.


Try a pair of Tree Runners by Allbirds, “The World’s Most Breathable Shoe”.  I LOVE the ColeHaan Grand Stichlight WingTip Oxford.  And check out this great canvas Riviera Slide or how “cool” these blue low top Chuck Taylor Converse are.  In a slightly more substantial category are these colored Bucks 

from the Allen Edmonds site – can you see how any one of these colors would move a basic outfit – jeans or chino’s and a white tee shirt to an amazing, super sophisticated outfit?!

So unless you are ON a beach or AT the pool, (and for heaven’s sake, NOT at the airport), please wear REAL shoes? 

Still not sure? 

Gentleman’s Gazette weighs in here on sandals for men aka Mandals, with a full article adding this quote: “Just think of Tevas, Birkenstocks, or flip-flops. Most of them are made out of cheap materials, and that’s what they look like: cheap. Even if you try to “upgrade,” and you invest a few hundred dollars in Salvatore Ferragamo flip-flops, they’re still just that: flip-flops.” 

They recommend Huarache Sandals or Fisherman’s sandals.  I will concede that the additional coverage is helpful, but with all that extra weight, why not just wear shoes?   Limiting your foot exposure is going to contribute to you as a well dressed man. 

And if you don’t believe ME, check out this article: 13 Real, Live, Sex-Having Women on the Worst Thing Men Wear/ 


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