so ” avdA friend was recently bemoaning that she was feeling completely uninspired toward dating, had NOTHING to wear and was thinking “honestly what’s the point?”  She wore sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt every day.   She wasn’t a “dress” kind of girl.   

This made me think about what I might recommend to her that would spark her interest.  I was searching for a way to create an elevated casual everyday look for not a lot of money and in her jeans-y comfort zone.  Hey, I love flirty dresses, but some dates, and some women might not be comfortable in a dress, (think windy days on the ferry, or long chafing walks LOL) so this presented a good opportunity to get creative with summer jeans. 


Good white jeans go a long way 

Just like a guy needs a fresh new polo and tee every season, Ladies need new white jeans.   If you are slim, you can wear lightweight fabrics that skim your body breezily. On the other hand, if you are more toward a plus size, you will want more coverage and fabric density, so denim is perfect.  I wanted a quick and easy solution so I nipped over to my local Marshalls, grabbing a “likely” pair (FYI there is no dressing room availability in CT still) of skinny, white, high waisted, non-distressed (they are more elegant Ladies) jeggings (jean-legging) for $25 and a navy linen top ($15) with small white polka dots.  Next door was a DSW so that was easy – I wanted a pair of sandals that I could walk in comfortably and felt fun.  I found these perfect gold and silver sandals for $49.   

Tried the whole outfit on the next day (took a deep breath on NOT wearing dark pants at size 16) and WOW – I felt like a million bucks!



A change of perspective can be powerful

My point is important – I spent less than $100 on the whole outfit and it changed my perspective.   It made me feel that even in such casual clothing I was more pulled together, professional, attractive, capable, desirable, worthy of respect – I could go on.   Something shifted.  I could picture wearing this on a first date to a COVID-approved outdoor seating area.  Toss in a cute wristlet or bar bag (maybe in red?) and a cardigan sweater and I can’t WAIT to get asked out!

If you are feeling S-T-U-C-K, no matter what your budget, consider just even a mini- shop – $100 can absolutely buy confidence!


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