Most people have heard of a Personal Stylist or Image Consultant,  some have researched what they do, and few have worked with them.  Unless you have experienced this work, you likely don’t really know what they do or their function.  The benefits of working with a trained Image Consultant are incredible and I’ve broken down what we do, why you should work with us, and the differences in styling, shopping, and consulting!

Personal Stylist vs. a Personal Shopper

Let’s clarify, a “Personal Stylist” is not a department store algorithm that selects garments to auto-ship out to you monthly.  Even if you did fill out a really long form,  a “real” Personal Stylist helps their client develop their style based on their physical attributes, usually through a selection of garments that fit well and harmonize with the wearer.   

A “Personal Shopper” at a department store (usually) is an excellent resource of what a store has on site but – but you have to know what to ask for.  Here’s an example:  you are in a dressing room being assisted by the Personal Shopper.  You say to her, “Marie, this suit is close… but would you please find me one that has more detailing in this area and less in this area, and has this silhouette, not this, and has a warmer blue color?”  Marie’s job is to sort through the inventory of the store and sell as much clothing to you as you will buy,not to tell you what looks best on you or supports your needs best.  

A Wardrobe Consultant might have the experience to do a really valuable closet audit, or fit session with you, or they might not.  If they do that’s great, if not you are paying for a “girlfriend” to sit with you while you try on garments.  In general, these individuals help clients curate a wardrobe based on their stated needs, with shopping to fill in the gaps.  

Now let’s talk about Image Consultants

An Image Consultant is a “partner in success” often improving your life dramatically using personal brand and confidence building visual imagery adjustments and behavioral and communication attributes.  

If you want a benchmark, the Association for Image Consultants International is the premier professional organization for the industry, dating back to the “Color Me Beautiful” 1980’s.  Image Consultants go through rigorous training and testing to achieve certification as a Consultant, and even more so for the prestigious Certified Image Professional (that’s me!) level or Certified Image Master level. 

How can an Image Consultant help you?

An Image Consultant does personal styling and wardrobe consulting. They approach it with a more holistic goal in mind that could include psychology, perception, body language, current events and more.  

An Image Consultant is constantly focused on this saying: “does this support your goals”.  Everyone is different, and the identification of personal branding prior to making visual decisions is what we do best.  (to your date,  boss, recruiter, client, etc.). 

Anyone, anytime will enjoy and get value from this work, but the clients I see most often are:

  • Needing photo and media images for business launch
  • Stagnant at work, ready to look like the next promotion
  • Love being a Mommy, but  where did my refined Woman go?
  • Lost weight or gained weight with a new mystery body to dress
  • Divorced or Separated; time for an updated look 
  • Interviewing or working with a Recruiter

If you wish to use all the tools in your personal and professional development tool box, an image consultant on your team is a must have. If for no other reason that when you know you look good, and in alignment with your goals you will interact and communicate with far greater confidence.  Confidence breeds success, and image consultants are trained to get you there!

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