Pretty much everyone has heard about personal stylists, but do you know why people choose to work with them? I considered this question, not from the perspective of a famous personality or political candidate, and broke down why I think “mild mannered, mere mortal” people do (and should) work with Personal Stylists and Image Consultants below.

In short,  it’s about taking control of your appearance – your personal brand.  From this list, are there any attributes you would like to convey more of?  Or less of?   

  • Sexy 
  • Younger
  • Beautiful 
  • Powerful and Confident 
  • Healthy and Energetic 
  • Handsome
  • Successful and/or Executive   
  • Thinner/Taller 
  • Masculine/Feminine

If the answer was yes to any of the above, then you’re the perfect candidate to work with a skilled image consultant! No matter your weight, age, or level in the corporate food chain we can help create more of any of these attributes in you!

Here’s what happens when you take the above list, and connect it with work that clients and image consultants do together: 

Sexy – Your Image Consultant will show you how to choose garments with specific silhouettes to achieve your “va-voom”!  She will take you down an amazing path in which you will discover that being sexy for women is about having great energy, a warm smile, willingness to dust off your femininity, and the ability to wear/choose clothes that make you feel attractive (notice I did not say size 4!) This is first-date must-have knowledge. 

Younger – Men, heads up!  Your Image Consultant will review your wardrobe and ensure you are not wearing dated, ill fitting clothing (no matter how comfortable they may be).  From the office to dating , dressing in style is a key consideration to how you are perceived.  Too long chinos, baggy shirts, and boxed / dusty shouldered JosA sportcoats are often to blame.  

Beautiful – Your Image Consultant will help you choose clothing, hair color and makeup in colors that create a radiant light to your face, and a huge smile in which every woman is beautiful!. 

Powerful and Confident – Your Image Consultant will choose garments and accessories in striking color and pattern, with details that speak louder than words.  Master (or Mistress) in Commander watch out! 

Healthy and Energetic – Your Image Consultant will show you how to wear color and clothing that reflects great skin tone, smooths lumps and bumps and moves with your body to look like you are ready to take off!

Handsome – Your Image Consultant will strategize to highlight all your best assets from hair style to shoe size and camouflage any less desirable areas.  She will choose clothing that makes your stomach rise all the way up into your chest making you irresistible! 

Successful or Executive – Your Image Consultant will demonstrate how you can use suiting pattern, color and detail along with accessories and grooming to command a higher level of executive and personal presence.  Command respect and attention as you take over the modern world. 

Thinner or Taller  – or Shorter or “more substantial” –  Your Image Consultant has a whole bag of tricks up her sleeve of how to use garment details, cut and pattern to achieve an optimal look for your existing physique.  No surgery required!

Masculine or Feminine – Your Image Consultant knows these attributes are in the eye of the beholder, and will help you to create a persona that irresistibly radiates them both visually and in your behavior. 

So there you have it,   you identified with a desire in the list above, I would love to help you bring it to fruition! Image Consulting, Personal Styling, Wardrobe Consulting is for mere mortals and the benefits are so life changing.

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