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You (just the way you are) + my styling expertise = Dream Dating

Dream Dating happens when you show up to your next date totally confident.  It’s the feeling of knowing your appearance is in sync with your goals, and you can relax into the conversation, the chemistry and have fun!  

I have so much I want to share with you – but for the moment, I am thrilled you are here and excited to be your Suited for Love Style Coach. Creating a juicy love life of fulfilment, romance, passion and commitment can start with just ONE little shift – let’s start yours right now!



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Once a month I professionally curate a complete outfit for you.  Researched and selected by me specific to your needs; no AI or predictive analytics program can  substitute the hands on guidance of working with a Personal Stylist.  You pay for your purchases, your new look is shipped right to your door from the store of your choice and together we approve the selections.  It’s a shopping dream come true!  



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Why did I create Suited for Love? 

Dating Reality:  Dating can be a challenge at any age (more so as your decades progress).

Online access makes it easier to find you but harder to be noticed and competition is ferocious!  

Science has proven that 93% of a person’s first opinion of you, either online or in-person is based on the first few seconds of NON-VERBAL cues – these are how you walk in, your smile, your tone of voice and your appearance. 

Dating Fantasy?  Not here. This site and my work is for “real people”. If you are a “10” you probably are not reading this right now.  But know this – our work together can get you a whole lot closer to feeling like a “10” as well as your date agreeing.  

Think of me as your Visual Date Coach. You’re already a catch!  My job is to assure that your date thinks so too within the first few seconds. Our work is easy and FUN!  Just sit back and let me show you how to adjust your visual “bait” to catch your BIG ONE.  

Here’s some of what you will learn – you choose the pace:

  • What looks best on my body – height, weight and frame?
  • What about hair, makeup, jewelry?
  • What about accessories – shoes, leather goods
  • How to date for a formal event, nice dinner, casual daytime date and more
  • What colors make me look vibrant and glow with energy? 
  • What’s the right amount of skin to show?   
  • Tips and tricks to camouflage my ___x____ (your least favorite body part) 
  • What are the messages my online dating site pictures really convey?

You chose the pace: 

  1. bit by bit as a Style Aisle Newsletter subscriber
  2. faster with personal interaction with me as a FRIEND member 
  3. much faster with personal interaction and clothing from a CRUSH membership 
  4. Transformational through consulting as a PARTNER IN STYLE 

Want MORE?  Call, email or click here to be directed to my original full service image site, Style of Success for information on a full range of image work. 


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